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Predictive Price

This is currently a trial and we will always look for ways of improving. Currently the predictor is using past data and fractals to try to predict which direction price is going.

We don’t recommend trading depending on what this does as it's experimental and there isn’t anything which can predict price accurately! This may help identify fractals from past data which can repeat. You may notice on high time frames the price may just predict that it's going to 0. Don’t be alarmed, sometimes the past data put into the calculation can create an exponential reaction.



You have an open to change what data is being passed into the predictor, by default it takes the close price for the previous 50 candles, we like setting it to ohlc4 as this takes into account the volatility of some of the candles. The Forecast range will take this amount of candles from past data and try predict that many future candles.


You have an option to enable/disable them as well as the option to change the colour of the lines, line style and line width.


Not currently available.