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Patterns Overview

This brand new Tradingwolf Indicator is one of a kind, There are no others which detect patterns the way this does, finding: ✅ Break Out Zones
✅ Dynamic Support & Resistances
✅ Bull & Bear Flags
✅ Rising & Falling Wedges
✅ Inverse & traditional Head & Shoulders
✅ Triangles
✅ Double Tops & Bottoms
✅ Trend lines
✅ Traditional & Linear channels
✅ price predictor

All-in-1 indicator!
All signals are calculated on price action and are displayed in real time, there are a huge amount of ways to customise the indicator, and that's why this video is as long as it is, but we hope that from watching this, you will have a much better understanding of how to optimise the script to your needs.