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These triple bands help provide a lot more key levels rather than the standard Bollinger bands. They can be used in several ways, one is the typical bollinger band squeeze & breakout.

This is a pattern you will see repeated over and over. Typically these will occur more often on lower timeframes. You want to see all bands squeeze in together like the image below, you will see some choppy price action and wait for a clear break. Some assets can respect these levels better than others, when they do you can simply wait for a close above the first top Band for long or below bottom band for short.

Really clean signals like below, you even get a retest of the consolidation area where you could enter a low risk short placing your stop above the recent swing high.


In the settings you have the option to display the Standard, Triple or Reversal Bands, you can change the source of the calculation, (some people prefer using HLC3 or OHLC4).

The 3rd option you have is the sensitivity setting where you can adjust the length of candles the bands are calculated on, by default you will have it selected on 3 which is our preferred length but we have set templates for you to cycle through between 1-5.

The triple bands give some interesting outlooks when cycling through these and you may find a preferred set up depending on the asset and timeframe you are trading.