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We have also included these with some variations. The most useful being the squeeze detection. You will see the bands highlight to show you the bands are squeezing and we are likely to see a big move soon.

Below is a prime example. When the bands squeeze easy confirmation is that the candle closes on the outside of the bands to confirm the direction it wants to move in. If you are lucky the price may retrace to the previous candles Low/High which can give you a low risk entry.


In the settings you have the option to display the Standard, Triple or Reversal Bands, you can change the source of the calculation, (some people prefer using HLC3 or OHLC4).

The 3rd option you have is the sensitivity setting where you can adjust the length of candles the bands are calculated on, by default you will have it selected on 3 which is our preferred length but we have set templates for you to cycle through between 1-5.

The final option you have here is to adjust the squeeze sensitivity. setting it on 1 will display the most squeezes it detects whereas pushing it up to 5 will only show major squeezes.